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A Limit order is an instruction to sell shares at no lower than a particular price - known as the 'limit price'. It's valid for a pre-determined period, up to a maximum of 90 business days. Your shares will only be sold if the limit price is reached within that period. Please note that if the current selling price is already above your limit price the deal will go through immediately.

We are required by the FCA regulation to publish your order to market participants. This is to increase market transparency. No personal details will be published and you have the right when you give your instructions to ask us not to publish details of the trade.

You can place an order at any time online and between 8.00am and 4.30pm on the telephone. However any order you place will be executed only when the Stock market is open and the price limits you've set have been met.

Limit orders can be used to place 'sell orders' in anticipation of a rise in the share price or at a level where you're happy to take a profit. Limit orders can be useful if you do not have time to constantly watch the price of a share but want to ensure you can take advantage of a price rise.


If you're dealing online, select the order type 'At Limit' and enter your chosen limit price and expiry date. You will then get the estimated deal value based on the limit price and the amount of shares you intend to sell and, if you are happy with this, select 'Place Limit Order'. You will then be asked if you would like to make this information available to market participants.

We do not guarantee that Limit orders will be executed even if the limit price is met. The order could fail as a result of:

  • Market conditions at the time (such as a "fast market” where the market is so volatile that prices quoted by market makers are only indicative rather than guaranteed)
  • Other clients having placed similar limit orders, and having an earlier time priority than your order (and so being executed in priority to your order)
  • Other factors outside of our control. For example, the maximum size that can be traded online has changed since you placed the order.

If for any reason your limit order fails to expertise, your online limit order history will update. However, you will not receive any other notification so you will need to remember to check open limit orders frequently.

Limit orders cannot be placed for over the current online maximum size. This is the amount set by the Retail Service Providers (RSPs) and dictates what they are prepared to trade online.

You can delete an order by entering the 'Account Details' screen and selecting the order you want to delete. You will then get a confirmation that this order has been deleted.

Please be aware that you cannot modify a Limit order once it has been set. Instead, you will need to delete the open order as outlined above and place a new order at a new price.

Where a corporate action will affect the price of a stock we'll endeavour to delete your Limit order as soon as we receive notification from CREST. You can then place a new order taking account of any adjustment in the share price.

Please note orders may be deleted following the payment of some dividends but this does not normally include interim and final dividend payments. Please remember to check open Limit orders frequently.

If the system is not working, Limit orders may be placed but they will not always be executed. For orders that already exist in the system, the order will be executed at the earliest opportunity if the criteria for the order are still within the limit when the system comes back online. If they are not within the limit, they will not be executed until they do match.


Risk warning

Remember the price of shares can go down as well as up, and you are not guaranteed to get back the amount that you originally invested.

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